I ordered my Fun Quilter

I finally did it and I ordered a 17″ Fun Quilter, in green, with the equalizer stitch regulator.  I will be using it on my ProFlex frame.  I only ordered one LOL, I could not find a picture of just the green one.

I’m really excited.  I have been busy trying to get some quilts ready so that when I get my new system set up and figured out I will have something to quilt.

Maggie’s Bug Quilt

I’ve started by journey making quilts for my grandchildren for their big beds.  My oldest, and only girl, will be 7 in Sept and I’m starting with her quilt which I am calling Maggie’s Bug Quilt.  As usual, I bought the fabric and then tried to figure out what I was going to do with it.  I designed the quilt in EQ6 and for a first effort I’m quite pleased with the results.

The main fabric has lady bugs, butterflies, and fireflies.  It is very cute and the quilt picture does not do justice to the actual fabric.

I have the final border to attach and then I will piece the backing as soon as I figure out exactly what I’m going to do.

QFH – Finally Done!


I finally finished the QFH. I spent the day sewing the binding on and it is in the wash. It feels so good to have this one done and I am quite pleased with the way it turned out. I’m sure glad I stuck with it, I thought seriously about giving up on it early on but I hung in there.

I pieced the back, I had not tried this before but I will be doing it again. I really like the way it turned out.

QFH - Pieced Back

I used the left over jelly-roll strips for the binding. I actually used up most of the fabric on this one and did not buy any extra for the back and binding.

I quilted with a red, white,  and blue variegated thread and was really pleased with the way it turned out.

So, onward and upward.

I need to decided what I want to make next.  I’m not ready as it did not take me nearly as long to finish the quilting on this one,  I guess I’m figuring it out and need to be more prepared next time and have another quilt ready to go on the frame….

– I actually finished this quilt 10/27/09 but just got around to posting here.  –

08-27-2009 quilt 001

I finally got a quilt loaded on the frame, it took me the better part of a day. I took it off and started over 3 times. I thought I was going to wear out the quilt top before getting it loaded.

So, I have made one pass and it looks pretty good. I’m still nervous when standing at the frame, I do not want to mess it up.  I’m also nervous because I do really well going from left to right but not going from right to left.  I know that will come with practice, but it still makes my knees knock.  LOL

Originally written Aug 27, 2009

I Think God is a Quilter
-Author Unknown-

I think God is a quilter
Who takes His needle and thread
To piece our world from nothingness
And give it form, instead.

I think God is a quilter
And everything I see
Are pieces from His careful hand
From tree to bumblebee.

I think we see God’s stitches
His texture everywhere;
The velvet moss, the grainy sand,
The silky strands of hair.

I think God is a quilter;
Stitching tight and tiny rows,
Adding to my scraps and pieces,
Seaming everything He knows.

I think He cuts the patterns
From what I’d throw away.
He shows me how to use each scrap
In His redeeming way.

I think God quilts a pattern
From everything I live;
But He can only stitch the quilt
From what I choose to give.

I think God is a quilter
Stitching strength where I am weak.
Showing me that life He touches
Embraces everything I seek.

I think God is a quilter
From the patience in each thread;
Proving length of time no barrier;
Treating time a gift, instead.

I think quilts are lessons
God uses just to teach
That our pieces and our remnants
Have kaleidoscopic reach.

So, in the life I’m living
With pieces everywhere
I’ll give them to the Quilter
To stitch with loving care.

I’ll give them to the Quilter
Unwanted though they be
And with His work of quilting
He’ll make a quilt of me.

I finally did it. I loaded the practice sandwich, threaded the machine, flipped that switch and away I went. I cannot believe how nice the Brother sewed, nice even stitches, and the QCC (so far) is wonderful .

I didn’t  do very much because I was tired and hot from loading my little practice quilt. I can see already that I will probably have to get some diffrent leaders, I don’t think the fabric I bought is stiff enough and I’m afraid it may distort, but for the practice it will do. I may just look into buying some, as it may end up being cheaper than looking all over for fabric, Velcro, etc.

I’m really excited to get some more practice under my belt and then on to a real quilt.

I must admit that I had been wondering if I had made a mistake in buying the frame and the Brother. I was not sure if I would ever get it all put together and, when I did,  I was not sure I would be able to actually make it all work. I feel much better now.   I’m sure I will have problems but at least I know that it does do a nice job and I can learn how to quilt on the frame.

God Bless!

I had a very productive day.  I finished installing the QCC on my frame, put the machine on and took it for a dry run (no thread.)  I think I have all the cords corralled and I did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself; it is hard when you have no idea what everything is supposed to look like and how it is supposed to work, but I do think I figured it out.

I’m going to try and get a practice sandwich together tonight and then maybe do some piecing.  I think I will wait until tomorrow to try out the machine and frame, I make really stupid mistakes when I’m tired.

I sure hope it cools off here soon, I need to get out there and get some water going but its too hot to drag hoses so I will have to wait.  This triple digit weather is getting really old.

God Bless!


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